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September 19th, Writing Prompt #1

September 21st, 3rd Friday Choice Count

September 27th, Senior Class College Application & FAFSA Orientation

September 29th, 30th HS CAMP RETREAT







Aya of the Week

Alif. Lam. Ra. These are verses of the Wise Scripture. (1) Is it a wonder for mankind that We have inspired a man among them, saying: Warn mankind and bring unto those who believe the good tidings that they have a sure footing with their Lord? The disbelievers say: Lo! this is a mere wizard. (2) Lo! your Lord is Allah Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days, then He established Himself upon the Throne, directing all things. There is no intercessor (with Him) save after His permission. That is Allah, your Lord, so worship Him. Oh, will ye not remind? (3) Unto Him is the return of all of you; it is a promise of Allah in truth. Lo! He produceth creation, then reproduceth it, that He may reward those who believe and do good works with equity; while, as for those who disbelieve, theirs will be a boiling drink and painful doom because they disbelieved. (4)

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Here are the Salam School announcements for the week of September 17th, 2018:

The first announcement is Wednesday, September 19, 2018, is an out of uniform day. Students may come out of uniform for $2 each student. They may wear nice clean jeans if they choose. No skinny jeans or skinny pants are permitted. Girls shirts must be knee length. All students must be dressed islamically appropriate. 
The second announcement is Thursday, September 20, 2018, there will be a seminar on ‘Internet Safety’ presented by Raising Digital Natives speaker Dr. Devorah Heitner in the Middle/High School Gym from 2-3 pm. This topic requires parent involvement, please attend the seminar. More information is available on
The third announcement is Friday, September 21, 2018 is a Choice count day. All Choice students must be in attendance on Friday in order to continue to receive Choice funding. If your child is on Choice and absent on Friday, he/she may risk being dropped from the Choice program. 
And Finally a Message from our PTA:
Please save the date Saturday, September 29th, for the Back to School Barbecue  sponsored by the PTA. Please check your child's Gradelink news page for more information.

Our School

Salam School is an Islamic school located in the city of Milwaukee in the state of Wisconsin, USA. Salam School dedicates itself to quality academic education in an Islamic environment. Read More

Our Vision

Salam School is an Islamic educational institution adhering to the tenets of the Quran and Sunnah, truly believing that Allah is God, the one and only (Quran 112.1). There is no God but He. The Subsisting and Eternal (Quran 2.255). Read More

Our Mission

By empowering our students to achieve Islamic and academic excellence. Salam School seeks to develop citizens who embody the spirit of Islam and strive to improve their society through faith, perseverance and service to others.

Our Philosophy

Men and Women are Allah's trustees on earth, endowed with a soul, free will and intelligence. By Allah's mercy, we are called to seek inward and outward peace through submission to His will. Our submission is not limited to acts of worship performed solely for Allah, but involves relationship with all creation and thus all humanity. Read More

Our Goals


The goals for Salam School are based on the Mission Statement, and are organized in the following areas:
1. Moral/Spiritual
2. Social/Emotional
3. Educational
4. Physical
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New Choice Program
Salam School has applied to participate in the Wisconsin Choice Program.
This program is for students not residing in Milwaukee or Racine areas. It is
similar to the Milwaukee ChoiceProgram with regard to income limits. Parents
interested in applying must do so online beginning August 1, 2013 and lasting
to August 9th, 2013. Once you have applied, you will need to bring in to the
school main office your 2012 taxes as well as a recent utility bill. Applying
is not a guarantee that you will gain admission to the program. There are only
500seats open to students statewide.
For more information or to apply please visit

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction