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How many students attend Salam School?
Currently ( 2018-2019 School Year) 829 Students attend our school.
What grade levels does Salam School offer?
We Offer grades from K4 to 12th.
Average number of students per teacher?
Most classes have between 20-27 students. In the elementary school, classes have a teacher along with a teaching assistant.
In the middle School, classes have up to 25 students.
In the high school, classes have different number of students, based to the subject.
How many employees do we have?
The school currently employs over 50 teachers and assistants in the elementary school and 38 teachers in the Middle and High School.
Where do the students live?
The majority of our students reside in the county of Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs.
How do we involve volunteers?
Families are encouraged to volunteer during each school year. Parental involvement through the PTA is also encouraged.
How much is tuition?
For School Year 2013-2014:
Tuition is $2800 per year per student for K4
Tuition is $7500 per year per student for grades K5 to 8th. 1st and 2nd child. Please see note
Tuition is $7000 per year per student for grades K5 to 8th. 3rd child. Please see note
Tuition is $5900 per year per student for grades K5 to 8th. 4th child and up. Please see note
Tuition is $8000 per year per student for grades 9th to 12th Please see note
Note: The ISM gives an automatic scholarship of $3800 per year to all private pay students for elementary and middle school students and $4200 for high school students . We also participate in the Choice program so many lower income families can send their kids to our school for free
What is the admissions process?
Salam School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs. The primary concern of Salam School is always the welfare of its students. The School enrolls and welcomes a diverse student body. Enrollment to Salam School begins during the first open enrollment period in March of the current school year for the next school year. All current and new students must complete the necessary forms.
What makes the curriculum unique?
Our curriculum is organized to provide a loving, unique, and Islamic environment for the care and education of our children. It is our goal to develop in each child a love for and understanding of God and Islam and to nurture an identity in each child as a confident and faithful American Muslim. The curriculum reflects the necessary components for a quality program. We focus on:
* Social Awareness and Character Building (respect, cooperation, and ability to share)
* Communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)
* Cognitive Growth (comprehensive, critical thinking and problem solving)
* Physical Growth (gross and fine motor skills)
. These skills will be incorporated in an integrated curriculum. Integrated curriculum means that all specialists will teach the same themes, vocabulary, and character education throughout the year. This type of curriculum will enable student's different means to comprehend each skill being taught. Each child is exposed to the Arabic, Islamic and English way of learning new material. Finally, spiral curriculum builds upon and connects to learned knowledge in all educational fields.
When does the school start and end?
The school starts at 7:35AM and ends at 3:05PM for students from Pre-K through 6th and starts at 7:35AM and ends at 3:30PM for Middle School and High School.
Middle and High School students ends at 3:10PM on Friday
What opportunities are there for parent involvement?
Parents who want to get involved can volunteer and/or join the Salam school Parent Teacher Association. The school also has many programs throughout the year that welcome parent participation and attendance.
Will hot lunch be provided?
We offer hot lunch to all our students daily. There is a fee that depends on the family's income based on the Department of Public Instruction income standards. No pork or pork-by products are served at our school.
Do siblings get preference for admission?
What awards did the school won?
We won many awards including: Intercity Academic Olympics.
Project Citizen (State Wide), Fire Safety Best Practices, Character Education Promising Practices Awards, Many Athletic Awards via WIAA, Spelling Bee Champions, Geography Bee champions, and many others.
Is Salam School an accredited school?
Yes by WRISA (Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Association) and NCA/ AdvanceEd. The accreditation visiting team prided the school on its topnotch self study, collaborative faculty members, well-defined curriculum and most disciplined students. According to the team, Salam High School’s submitted work for accreditation is second to none. Its quality puts it light years ahead of any other school seeking this type of accreditation.
What is the ratio of boys to girls in the school?
The Ratio of female to male students is 1.2 :1.  For every 4 males there are 5 female students.