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March 17th - 27th Spring Break

March 30th - April 3rd Digital Learning

Islamic Studies Speech Competition 2019-20 Results

Level 1 -7th and 8th grade

1st Place: Ahmad Subhi
2nd Place: Abdullah Syed
3rd Place: Tie
  Bismah Qhavi 
  Saleem Kadadha

Level 2 -9th and 10th grade

1st Place: Summer Mahmoud
2nd Place: Sarah Zahid
3rd Place:
                Heba Dalieh
                Ilhan Mohammad

Level 3 -11th grade

1st Place: Samawia Akhter
2nd Place: Amani Dalieh
3rd Place:
 Laith Mahmoud

Aya of the Week

They ask thee (O Muhammad) of the spoils of war. Say: The spoils of war belong to Allah and the messenger, so keep your duty to Allah, and adjust the matter of your difference, and obey Allah and His messenger, if ye are (true) believers. (1) They only are the (true) believers whose hearts feel fear when Allah is mentioned, and when revelations of Allah are recited unto them they increase their faith, and who trust in their Lord; (2) Who establish worship and spend of that We have bestowed on them. (3) Those are they who are in truth believers. For them are grades (of honour) with their Lord, and pardon, and a bountiful provision. (4)

Assalamu Alaykom

It is with a great, unmatched pleasure I would like to report that Salam School of Milwaukee has “exceeded the expectations” of the State Report Card.  This is a great feat that is worthy of a HUGE celebration!  

Five years ago, Salam School made the decision to voluntarily join the State Report Card, which was nonmandatory for private schools at the time. That carefully-thought-out decision was made, among many other decisions, to ensure that Salam School’s performance is formally evaluated according to sanctioned criteria and by neutral parties (e.g., the State, AdvancED—accrediting agency, etc.). Subsequently, the school administration would be able to develop its school improvement plan (SIP) on the basis of concrete data rather than anecdotal and, at times uninformed individual feedback. And guess what…THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING! 

When the State Report Card first came out in 2017, Salam School’s performance fell within the category of “Meets Expectations:” (ranging between 63 -72.9) with an overall score of (70.6). When the 2018 State Report Card followed, the school’s performance inched up within the same category (“Meets Expectations”) with an overall score of (71.4). The school progress was markedly slowed down by the huge change of demographics within the student body (quite a bit of refugee influx took place). Yet the school continued to progress. This year, Salam School’s performance altogether leaped into the “Exceeds Expectations” category (ranging between73 -82.9)  with an overall score of (77.0).

I would like to congratulate the Salam School Family on this wonderful achievement. The school’s current success is a mere reflection of your dedication to the school and to the teaching profession at large—what a rewarding profession it is! Also, I would like to congratulate my fellow administrators. What a boon to work with a competent team! Too, I would like to congratulate and thank Salam School’s parents for their support. Last but not least, I would like to thank the Salam School Advisory Committee (SSAC) and the Shura Board for their strong support of Salam School and their steadfast trust in the school administration. 

Wanis H. Shalaby
Salam School of Milwaukee
Head of School         







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New Choice Program
Salam School has applied to participate in the Wisconsin Choice Program.
This program is for students not residing in Milwaukee or Racine areas. It is
similar to the Milwaukee ChoiceProgram with regard to income limits. Parents
interested in applying must do so online beginning August 1, 2013 and lasting
to August 9th, 2013. Once you have applied, you will need to bring in to the
school main office your 2012 taxes as well as a recent utility bill. Applying
is not a guarantee that you will gain admission to the program. There are only
500seats open to students statewide.
For more information or to apply please visit

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction