Sahar - Salam School Staff

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Sahar Ahmad
Teacher: Science

Sahar Ahmad is one of the high school Science teachers at Salam School. She teaches Biology, Chemistry, and Integrated Science. She began her collegiate career at Youngstown State University before attending George Mason University in Fairfax, VA and subsequently received a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Psychology at Alverno College in 2004. She has also entered the Master of Arts - Teaching program at Alverno College to earn her teaching license in Secondary Education in the areas of Science and Psychology.

Her goal is to create an exciting and stimulating learning environment that focuses on both academic education as well as a social learning environment in which students can be active participants in their own education. Sahar urges parents to be more active in their child’s education and interests as parents are the most integral part of their child’s education. A strong learning environment as well as a strong parental presence will eventually become the foundation for students to realize their own abilities and allow them to accomplish their goals of succeeding in higher learning as well as in other endeavors.

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